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5 Ways to Ignite Your Small Business With Surveys

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CHICAGO, April 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Love them or hate them, comment cards, client questionnaires, and surveys are often the only viable options for learning how customers honestly feel about your product or service. Dorsey West, founder of Free Phone Surveys (, offers five compelling reasons why every small business owner should make customer surveys an integral part of their immediate and long-term growth strategies.

1. Incentives for survey participation can attract repeat business.

If you want people to take your surveys, a little reward can go a very long way. Anything from a discount on a future purchase to a free drink or appetizer can be more than enough incentive for someone to take a few minutes and share their opinion. When customers come back to redeem your offer, there is a good chance they’ll purchase additional products or services.

2. Surveys can help you capture valuable consumer marketing data.

Surveys provide a prime opportunity to collect important marketing demographic data that some customers may be hesitant to disclose, such as zip codes or telephone numbers, in a non-intrusive manner. Just ask for it at the beginning or end of your survey, and most people won’t think twice about sharing this information with you.

3. Offering surveys can help you build better customer relationships.

When you or one of your employees personally asks a customer to take a survey in exchange for a special offer or discount, it becomes the perfect opportunity to initiate more in-depth conversations that can lead to lasting business relationships. Customers will feel like their opinion really matters to you and that you truly value their patronage.

4. Survey results can help you meet customer demand more effectively.

The primary objective for offering surveys is to learn what your customers like and don’t like about your products or services. A careful analysis of survey results can show you what changes need to be made in your business to enhance what you’re doing right and eliminate what your customers don’t particularly enjoy.

5. Surveys can enhance your overall business image.

You can make your small business look like a major corporation just by the way you offer your surveys. “There is no reason why any business should still be providing paper comment cards to their customers with so many affordable, high-tech options out there,” explains West. There are several free and easy-to-use survey applications available online, including Free Phone Surveys (, which lets small businesses provide automated telephone surveys to their customers and send them text message rewards with special offers upon completion.

About Dorsey West & Free Phone Surveys™

Dorsey West is a seasoned entrepreneur and the founder of Free Phone Surveys (, a service that lets small businesses offer automated telephone surveys to customers at no charge and send text message rewards with special offers to participants.


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