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Nutella Branding Approach

Duracell Branding Approach

Vanish Branding Approach

Tabasco Branding Approach


While browsing Jonas Eriksson’s inspiring website, I was drawn in by a few pictures he posted of some familiar product brands. Each image started with a blank bottle or packaging with a simple text label for the product’s name (far left image in each image set). Then as the image set evolves, you see the brand take shape; first the actual product logo and any secondary fonts/layouts were added to replace the basic text, followed by basic color blocking and placement, followed by additional supporting artwork.

It was intriguing to see these familiar brands take shape, from a very minimalist approach to the final complex presentation.

It reminded me of how a painter first sketches, then paints with rough blocks of color and moves forward with finer and finer detail to reveal the final image.

Branding, as a whole, should be considered this way. Often, a company gets swallowed up by their logo design process and forgets to see the forest for the trees. Branding should start with basic blocking-and-tackling; determine the message, vision, audience, and finally presentation. From that foundation, your brand can cover a lot of ground. Starting with a brand bible or guide can be very helpful in ensuring that all of your marketing, labels, websites, and collateral look similar, and that it maintains the same message from one piece to the next — from one month (or year) to the next.

The process of building a good brand is a process that starts well before the logo is designed. It starts with the story; how that story is told, and to whom it is related to.

You can see that story play out in simple fashion within these images.

These images originate from the blog of a company named Antrepo. You can find more of their images here.

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While browsing Jonas Eriksson’s…

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