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Commit to the Actions that Make You Money: Part One

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The first question is what are you committing to?  What’s your commitment to your business growth on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis?  Do you have a commitment for 2011 that you can break back down into action steps?  Do you know what you should be doing on any given day you ‘show up’ to your business to work?  Showing up and doing the things that expand your business and make you money, that’s what it means to be committed to your business.

It’s easy to find things to stay busy with – there are so many things that grab our attention, the things we do instead of ‘getting the job done’.   Is this you, instead of engaging in the activities that will actually make you money….?

Do You Spend Time:

O   Reading and writing email

O   Endlessly preparing for what you’re going to do next

O   Spend time calling the same people over and over again even though you’re not getting the results you want and need?

O   Reading and listening to endless accounts of other people’s success and wondering about your own

It is easy to get into a state of overwhelm. It is especially easy if you don’t have a commitment to a plan.  How do you sort out what part of learning, studying and tweaking things is productive?  When is it time to just get out of your own way and get the job done?  When do you accept or decide that you don’t need to learn more, you just need to do more?  In other words, when do you need to practice what you know so you can stop simply ‘knowing’ and actually get better at it?

HINT:  Practicing what you do in order to get better at it, is the key to making commitment easier (no, not easy, but easier).

Learn more in part two on 7/8/2011

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