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Guide for Selling Goods and Services to Multinational Corporations Is Published Today by 2008 Young Entrepreneur of the Year

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NEW YORK, July 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Selling to large companies in the private sector is the subject of a new website,, that is being launched today.

The site was founded by Nelson Nigel who was voted the Small Business Administration’s “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2008. As founder and CEO of construction firm Head Contracting, his recent website,, was the highly successful introduction to a series of instructional manuals for small private companies seeking to become a part of the $500-billion-a-year field of procurement, that is, selling goods and services to other businesses.

“Government Procurement Exposed,” which is widely available through major retailers like, provides step-by-step procedures for working with all levels of government, from the municipal through the federal level.

Although some of the same principles explained in “Government Procurement Exposed” apply here, the second volume covers information specifically geared toward dealing with corporations, such as business practices of various cities worldwide, he said.

Besides the book, this time around there will also be several added bonuses, including:

  • A funding kit, offering tips on raising capital, insurance, and other issues pertaining to the financial aspects of procurement;
  • A small business kit, which discusses topics like employment and human resources, legal matters, etc.;
  • Three pamphlets, on the subjects, respectively, of cost reduction, building rapport with suppliers, and cost-effective buying.

Within the next few months, the remaining sites, and, will be released. All four books, as well as other miscellaneous materials, are to be included under the umbrella site,

After laying the groundwork with these five web sites, Nigel will introduce WWW.PROOKURE.COM in February of 2012. A central database customized according to geographic location, it will serve as a business-to-business listing, connecting vendors and clients – corporate, governmental, and within the construction industry – on a global scale.

“This registry will allow smaller private enterprises to connect with major corporations worldwide in a way they have never been able to before,” says Nigel.

It is likely to be a subscription-based service.

About Nelson Nigel

At age 28, Nigel ran three companies.

Nelson Nigel studied design and construction under master architect Mark Strauss of FXFOWLE, and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology from Queens College. He studied construction management under Bovis Lend Lease, Turner Construction, and at Columbia University, Pace University and Medgar Evers College (in conjunction with Forest City Rathner Companies); document management under Dominique Paraison of McKissack & McKissack Architects; and construction accounting at New York City Tech under Robert Brewer of Grassi CPAs.

By 2002, he established himself as a real estate developer when he founded his company Nelson Nigel New York. Among NNNY’s projects is the development of an 8-unit building in the Bronx, NY in 2007. In 2005, Nigel opened Head Contracting LLC, where he was Vice President of Finance, in addition to his other duties.

Another of his roles was as President of Nuts & Bolts New York LLC, a discount importer of A325 High Tension “Break Off” bolts, nuts and washers from Asia. In May 2010, Nigel appeared in the Wall Street Journal. He has also been featured on Fox News.

His New York City and State certifications include:

  • Port Authority of New York and New Jersey MBE and DBE

He combines entrepreneurship with community service.

Nigel has often been engaged as a speaker, and taught bi-weekly workshops on credit management and motivation, as well as a seminar on entrepreneurship, at College Point Arts Center in Queens, NY. He has also been involved in numerous community relations projects, for instance, acting as President of the College Point Toastmasters, and working in partnership with non-profits South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation and the Association of Women’s Construction Workers of America.

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