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Is Corporate Photography Important?

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Image is everything. It is important for business, organizations and individuals. The image of your business and your products is crucial in your appeal to the market. You and your business may offer a top class service or product, but it doesn’t mean much if the image you portray does not display the quality that you provide. I read an interesting statistic on the BBC website that stated, It is said retention of information comes 87% from visual communication and 13% from written or spoken word. So it’s safe to say, from a business standpoint, using strong visual and photographic images should be seen as an investment not a cost.

The images that you use make a strong statement about the quality of your products. I don’t know how many times I’ve passed by certain products or services because their image doesn’t speak to me. Also, who buys something on craigslist or ebay when there is no image? Even if it’s not a professional photo before you buy it you want to see it.

If you advertise, market or have a website you need to have professional images to promote your products and your business. Even blogging or writing articles, the viewer will relate more to seeing the person who is actually writing the article. Submitting articles to newspapers or magazines? Editors have to go through thousands of articles and if there’s an image attached of your product, business or yourself it’ll be more prone to catch their eye.

Most businesses have to operate with limited funds, but there shouldn’t be a reason why a set of corporate photographs should break the bank. Shop around for a competent photographer whose prices are affordable. What you spend will be more than re-reimbursed with increased customers and sales.

Good quality commercial photography is very important for your business because it will help give a positive first image, entice and retain customers and ensure a successful business.

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