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New Leadership Communication Study Shows 44% of Business Leaders Are Unhappy with Their Employee Performance

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POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y., Nov. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — “Forty-four percent of business leaders reported they are unhappy with the performance of their employees and 70% of those struggling business leaders believe they need to adjust their approach to how they are communicating so they can better motivate their teams to get the results they desire,” said Leadership and Workplace Communication Expert Skip Weisman, President of Weisman Success Resources.

These are among the key findings of a survey of approximately 200 business leaders that subscribe to the Leadership & Workplace Communication Expert Blog published by Weisman.

In the study, these business leaders ranging from C-Level executives at large corporations to small business owners were asked to evaluate their skills, comfort level and results achieved through their application of the three different levels of leadership communication:

In the study, 44% responded “No” to the survey’s first question, which asked “Are you happy with the present level of performance from the individuals and/or teams that you are responsible for?”

“Without question, a significant amount of business leaders are struggling with the performance of their employees and they are challenged with how to communicate to better motivate them,” said Weisman. “The bigger question is what needs to change, and how executives and business leaders should change their style and content of their communication to better motivate their people.”

In the survey, leaders were asked to identify their strongest and weakest levels of leadership communication. Seventy percent of those leaders who reported being happy with the performance of their employees attributed their success to strong, individual one-on-one communication with their team members. Interestingly, 50% of those unhappy with the performance of their employees also identified individual one-on-one communication as their strongest level.

“The results show a disconnect between what the leaders struggling with the performance of their employees say their strength is in communicating, and their ability to motivate and inspire acceptable performance from their communication in one-on-one settings,” said Weisman. “This does not surprise me, as leaders can be more de-motivating when they communicate with individuals (and in team/group settings) when they don’t possess effective influential communication skills, knowledge and experience.”

Of the 44% of business leaders struggling with employee performance, 70% of them admitted they felt they needed more effective communication strategies that will motivate their team members.

“This is a really good sign,” said Weisman. “This tells me leaders are taking responsibility and not blaming the work ethic or attitudes of their people, and they are looking for solutions and ways to improve their approach to how they can communicate to motivate.”

To help business leaders develop the leadership communication skills that will positively influence and motivate their employees and team members, Weisman is hosting a special, free leadership communication teleseminar on November 17, 2011 at 4pm Eastern Time, 1pm Pacific Time.

During this teleclass titled, “3 Simple Secrets to Employee Engagement and Real Performance Results,” Weisman will discuss in detail:

  • Why 70% of struggling business leaders feel they need to change the way they are communicating
  • How those 70% of business leaders must change their communication style
  • Why under-performing employees with poor attitudes are not the problem — and how you can motivate them individually to change
  • How to finally motivate your employees as a team
  • The 3 different levels of communication business leaders must learn to maximize workplace results

Business leaders, c-level executives and small business owners can get more information on this teleclass and get the accompanying report that reveals the survey’s results in complete detail at:

About Workplace Communication Expert Skip Weisman:

Skip Weisman spent 20-years creating high-performing, high morale work environments for minor league baseball franchises. In fact, Skip was CEO for 5 different franchises, including one that he started from scratch and within 3 years had built into a $3million business. During those years, the team attracted record fan attendance and during one stretch sold out 92 consecutive home games.

Since 2001, Skip has been working with businesses and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes, and in all industries, including regional banks and credit unions, insurance agencies, CPA firms, building contractors and plumbers to create motivating, high-performing work environments.

Over 600 business leaders have downloaded Skip’s most popular white paper report, The 7 Deadliest Sins of Leadership & Workplace Communication, which is available as a free download at

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