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PEO Advantage Helps High Risk Industries Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs and Improve Cash Flow Company Introduces High Risk Solutions

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TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — PEO Advantage announced its focus on high risk accounts today, with experienced resources and a comprehensive process for delivering discounted rates, employee leasing solutions, claims review, administration, OSHA compliance, and on time and on demand workers’ comp certification access to companies within high risk industries.

With insurer results weakening due to rising injury expenses and the unstable condition of the economy, insurers are passing costs on to employers of all sizes, with smaller employers feeling the greatest impact. As more states approve workers’ compensation rate increases this year, PEO Advantage is uniquely positioned to cost-effectively serve high risk accounts.

“Our clients immediately recognize our value when they receive their customized cost analysis, which takes every scenario into account from a la carte options to the fully bundled PEO solution,” said Ryan DeJong, COO of PEO Advantage.

The PEO Advantage process includes an in-depth analysis, a reverse auction RFP process, side-by-side comparisons, cost projections, and expert recommendations. High risk PEO Advantage clients may take advantage of pay as you go (Pay-Go) Workers’ Comp policies with no deposit or audit required.

Although rate increases are occurring, insurer competition remains a factor in pricing. With wholesale access to over 100 nationwide PEOs, additional workers’ comp carriers and all major medical and supplemental insurance carriers, PEO Advantage guarantees its clients a minimum of 25% cost reduction.

“Most employers are overwhelmed by vendor research and cost comparisons, especially in accident prone working environments where workers’ comp policies may require a 50% down payment, adversely impacting the company’s cash flow,” added DeJong. “Our experience allows us to customize the client package to deliver only what is required.”

About PEO Advantage
Founded in 2002 by the Axis Group, PEO Advantage delivers a comprehensive approach for securing the best employee leasing services. PEO Advantage manages the entire vendor process by reviewing quotes, ensuring requirements are met, and selecting the best possible pricing. With experienced insight into employee leasing services, PEO Advantage has helped over 2000 companies in selecting payroll, HR, workers’ compensation and benefits needs comprising more than $200M in annual payroll.

For more information on PEO Advantage, visit or call 813-251-3181.

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