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Quality or Speed? How to sell a Quality product in a 90 Sec World.

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In our fast food world it is easy to start believing that speed is more important than quality. When people want something they want it now, no matter what the cost (as long as it is inexpensive). This means that the tradeoff becomes quality. People complain that things aren’t made like they used to be, that craftsmanship and artistic flair is gone, yet in the same breadth they complain that their cheeseburger took more than 90 seconds to get out to them.

Who told us that fast was better? When did our priorities change; taking us away from creating masterpieces and having pride in our work? Can we bring back the days of quality or are we destined to continue shouting FASTER, FASTER!

As consumers we have been told that faster is better, and we have bought fully into the concept. We now demand inferior, cheaper, less effective products, as long as we can get them fast. Of course, we are all rushing around too quickly ourselves to realize the irony of this. So the question stands, is speed more important than quality? We will get to that question soon.

What does this all have to do with sales? Everything! Despite the fact that everyone wants to live in a 90 second world, most products and services aren’t produced instantaneously. How do you sale a premium product, forged by time and detail, to a world that only cares about the shiny surface and instant gratification? In sales we see this all the time people continually go with the cheaper less effective option because it is a quicker fix. All the while the quality producer is yelling (truthfully) “ours is better”? Yet the cheaper, quicker option continues to prevail.

The reality is that better is not always best. The higher the quality product you offer the fewer amount of people will be interested in it. Quality simply costs too much and takes too much time for the average purchaser. The problem that most quality producers face is that they expect that because their product is better people will automatically buy it over a competitor. This is simply not true. Just because you have a superior product does not mean that you will have superior sales.

In order to capitalize on your superior product you have to know who your market is. Except the fact that it will be a more defined (smaller) market, but the flip side is that your cliental will be willing to pay more and will tend to be more loyal. Embrace your market, embrace your quality, but don’t blemish it by trying to take it to the masses. Find your niche and stick with it.

If on the other hand your dream is to reach the masses, there is nothing wrong with that plan either.  You will have to read my next article on Monday to learn the difference.


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