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Real World Video: Making video work for your business

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With video equipment and software becoming less expensive, telling meaningful messages through this medium has become very easy. It isn’t difficult to tell your story through a vlog (video blog) over a traditional blog, and vloging can really help you make a more personal connection with the viewer. Many successful companies use video as their primary source of content. It is great, especially in an environment like the internet, where keeping the attention of the viewer is becoming more of a challenge.

Here are three great tips to consider when developing video content for your website:

1. Be succinct!

This is rule number one. Keep your message short and sweet. People don’t watch long videos. For more on this go here.

2. Make it look good!

Okay, I agree with the school of thought that content trumps design. Steven Spielberg could shoot a movie with a flip camera, and make it sing. But don’t let that be an excuse for turning out poor quality video. The film industry is over a hundred years old with tried-true, proven methods, and the purist side of me would say ‘don’t disrespect that’. Consider composition, color, lighting, optics, and AUDIO! It will go a long way to make a high quality, respectable video.

3. Did I mention Audio?

It is sad to be on a film set and see the boom operator and mixer get pushed around (the sound experts). Imagine how a movie would turn out without these key people? PLEASE consider audio when making your video. Avoid the on-camera mic at all costs. Use a lavaliere (a small microphone that clips onto a shirt) or shotgun mic (a long mic, usually attached to the end of a pole called a boom). Make sure if you are using a shotgun mic to get it in as close as possible.


Production value goes a long way for your brand. It will take care of you!

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