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SquareTwo Financial Opens Partner Franchise in Washington State, Seeks Major Partners in Florida

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New Partners attracted to SquareTwo Financial’s growth opportunities, high-quality portfolios and state-of-the-art technological resources.

DENVER, Sept. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — SquareTwo Financial, a leader in the $100 billion asset recovery and management industry, today announced the opening of a new Partner franchise office in Seattle, as well as a search for new major Partners in Florida.

The Law Office of Andrew C. Heinegg opened its doors July 18 as part of the SquareTwo Financial Partners Network and is the first Partner in Washington State. The office is led by the management team of Samuel Williams, who brings more than 20 years of experience in investing, operating, and developing entrepreneurial businesses in a wide range of industries; Jeffery D. Warren, who serves as general manager/director of operations and brings a variety of leadership experience in asset recovery, strategic and financial analytics, client relationship management, and employee development; and Andrew C. Heinegg, who serves as managing attorney and has more than 30 years of experience in asset recovery law, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and creditors’ rights law.

“The leadership team at the Law Office of Andrew C. Heinegg demonstrates all of the qualities we look for in our Partners,” said Paul A. Larkins, president and CEO of SquareTwo Financial. “These individuals are accomplished and driven, and they have a history of success in both legal and business ventures. Washington State is a new region for SquareTwo Financial, and we are pleased to add such a talented group to our Partners Network. We are confident they will achieve success in uncharted waters.”

SquareTwo Financial franchises, referred to as “Partners,” are law firms, independently owned and operated, that work with consumers to remedy their outstanding debts. Franchise Partners have exclusive rights to license SquareTwo Financial’s proprietary technology and perform asset recovery work on the company’s behalf, with support from state-of-the-art technology and analytics, high-quality portfolios and drastically reduced overhead. Partner franchise leadership typically consists of a senior business executive, an operational general manager, and licensed managing attorney, who together oversee business strategy, operations, and legal activities for the Partner organization.

“Being a SquareTwo Financial Partner franchise is a unique opportunity to be independent and entrepreneurial but also have a support system of powerful business resources,” said Williams. “The Law Office of Andrew C. Heinegg is proud to be the first Partner in Washington State, and we look forward to developing our new franchise into a thriving business.”

SquareTwo Financial is currently searching for new franchise Partners in Florida to serve as major-market offices, which differ in process orientation from standard Partner franchises due to the unique hub-and-spoke design, combined with a partnership with SquareTwo Financial.

“Our first major-market Partner opened in December 2010 in Southern California and has performed at 30% above expectations,” said Bethany Parker, senior vice president of major markets for SquareTwo Financial. “It is a high-performing Partner franchise and a great example of the opportunities available to individuals interested in investing in similar high-volume operations in Florida.”

Ideal candidates for the major franchise Partner offices in Florida are highly entrepreneurial, have experience in negotiations and civil procedures, and can show a track record of long-term success and innovation.

“Our Partner franchise opportunities in Florida are unique when compared with a typical franchise,” Parker said. “Our major Partner franchise model can be very profitable if you have the right team and the right skills.”

If you are an individual interested in SquareTwo Financial’s Florida major Partner franchise initiatives, contact Bethany Parker at .

About SquareTwo Financial:

SquareTwo Financial is a leader in the $100 billion asset recovery and management industry. Through its award-winning technology and unique Partners Network, SquareTwo Financial creates a more effective way for companies and consumers to resolve their debt commitments. Fortune 500 companies in the health care, automotive, banking and credit card industries trust SquareTwo Financial to manage their debt portfolios. The company’s national network of legal partners is dedicated to treating consumers fairly and ethically. SquareTwo Financial is based in Denver, Colo. Visit for more information.

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