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Strategies for Motivating & Engaging Employees Discussed in New Workplace Communication LinkedIn Group for Business Leaders

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POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y., Oct. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Workplace Communication Expert Skip Weisman has created a new LinkedIn group for business leaders, executives, HR managers and project managers who want to increase employee motivation, productivity and retention by improving workplace communication and culture.

Inside this new “Workplace Communication Strategies Group” at, Weisman reveals how he has led professional baseball franchises to record-breaking fan attendance and profits. In fact, he turned around 2 struggling franchises to become Organizations of the Year. He’s built a 3 million dollar franchise from scratch in less than 3 years. And, now he’s taken his leadership and workplace communication experience to the corporate boardroom and small business environment.

When asked why he created this new LinkedIn group, Weisman, who celebrated his 10th anniversary in business on October 1, said, “Through studying organizational leadership communication for the last 10 years, and identifying the mistakes I learned as a young leader, I know that a leader’s communication style can directly sabotage and undermine the building of much needed trusting relationships. It saddens me when I discover that organizations which have lots of potential fall victim to poor leadership communication mistakes that are ruining employee morale. It hurts worse when I know, it could have been avoided.”

The information revealed inside this group is invaluable as Scott Ginsberg, The Name Tag Guy, says, “Skip doesn’t just know good communication — he lives it. His ideas are practical, applicable and will help professionals do what they do better, stronger and in a more memorable way.

Some of Weisman’s client successes include:

1. Increasing a 132-year-old insurance agency’s revenue by 33% by showing them how to transform their negative work environment into a championship, high-performing team culture. This client’s case study is found inside this group.
2. Helping a nonprofit organization with a budget of 1.7 million dollars and a staff of 12 full-time employees and 28 part-time employees improve their overall communication and focus on the organization’s vision, which enabled them to triple their size. This client’s case study is also found inside Weisman’s group.

Along with getting Weisman’s workplace communication tips, tools and strategies, inside his group you will also find:

* Proven workplace communication templates, assessments and systems.
* Case studies such as the “Costs of Avoidance and Toleration in the Workplace.”
* Controversial articles such as: “The Communication Model Taught During the Last 40 Years Is a Bunch of Crock!”
* Answers to your workplace and leadership questions. For example, you will find answers to questions like: “Why are employees throwing each other under the bus?” and “How do we get managers to value their employees’ need for recognition when they have so many other priorities they are juggling?”
* Debates like, “What’s more powerful: verbal communication or body language?”

You can join the discussions and debates at:

Weisman’s LinkedIn group was created under the direction of LinkedIn Marketing Expert, Kristina Jaramillo of Jaramillo mentioned, “Skip has so much content available on his blog at that it only made sense to create a community of business leaders, executives, project managers and HR managers who are looking to educate themselves on how to start getting results from employees the first time you ask and how to stop enabling poor performance by allowing excuses to get in the way of their company’s bottom line!”

For more information on Weisman’s Workplace Communication LinkedIn Group, go to:

About Workplace Communication Expert Skip Weisman:

Skip Weisman spent 20 years creating high-performing, high-morale work environments for minor league baseball franchises. In fact, Skip was CEO for 5 different franchises, including one that he started from scratch and within 3 years had built into a $3million business. During those years, the team attracted record fan attendance and during one stretch sold out 92 consecutive home games.

On two other occasions, Skip transformed two financially struggling franchises into profitable businesses within the first year of taking over as CEO. Twice his teams were recognized as “Organization of the Year” by major baseball industry publications, and, in 1999, his Hudson Valley Renegades won the franchise’s only New York-Penn League Championship.

Since 2001, Skip has been working with businesses and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes and in all industries, including regional banks and credit unions, insurance agencies, CPA firms, building contractors and plumbers to create motivating, high-performing work environments.

Over 600 business leaders have downloaded Skip’s most popular white paper report, “The 7 Deadliest Sins of Leadership & Workplace Communication,” which is available as a free download at

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