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Video: 3 Tips for a better message

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My last post focused on technical tips for a better video. It is very important that your message looks professional. Sometimes, however, we may reach a roadblock caused by not knowing how to tell our message. Today’s tips will help with that.

Tip One:

What is your message?

Technically sound video will go a long way in expressing your message. For more information on this, view my earlier post. Unfortunately, many of us get so caught up in this aspect that we forget that content is key. Remember that the compelling personality of the host and other characters will help the viewer connect personally to the message. Humor is also a great way to keep your audience engaged in the message. Make sure that the personalities in your video are professional but lighthearted.


Tip Two:

In business, we are encouraged to emulate the successful. Why not do the same in video?

In developing our new show, we strive to simultaneously entertain and educate; and the balance between the two can sometimes be a challenge. As a team, our staff has considered some of their favorite shows. We ask ourselves why these videos work so well, and how we can incorporate those techniques into our own.

When creating your message, remember that while it is important to be original, knowing what has worked for others and using those techniques can be very helpful.


Tip Three:

Be willing to be taught.

For those who have a lot of video experience under their belts, please refrain from being pretentious! Experience is very important, but we can’t possibly know everything. Especially in the world of video, where technology and workflows change so rapidly, we can’t afford to be stubborn. Let others (even those [like my wife… I love you Alina] who have absolutely no video experience) teach you what a good video needs.

Let others openly critique, and avoid the impulse to defend.


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