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Video: Benefit from ‘Free’

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Video is essential in your web presence. The more you engage your viewers, the better; and video does this very well. With tools becoming increasingly more available, less expensive, and often free, the more urgent it becomes to include video content on your website.

When creating video content, there are some very valuable (and free) resources online. Here are some sites to consider:

When looking for free software in general, consider going to Source Forge.

A couple popular and free video editing programs are Kdenlive and Lightworks.

For a very reliable video encoder (making it easier to publish video online), try MPEG Streamclip.

If you are interested in motion graphics and animation software, try Jahshaka or Blender.

If your pockets are a little deeper, consider Adobe. While the price can be considerable, their products are top-notch.

Sam Swenson made some very good points in his post, Simplify to Innovate. If we focus on the tools, they could actually get in the way. Focus on your message first, then determine what you need to get there.

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