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Video Challenge: “Cut to Track”

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One simple, but often overlooked technique in making compelling videos is to edit to music.

Rhythm is key in good story telling, and fortunately music has that by default. Cut your video to the natural beats. It will go a long way in making a solid video.

Here are some rules to know when trying this method:

1. Mix it up. Most music follows the same tempo and time signature. Instead of cutting to the quarter notes or half notes, switch between the two. Occasionally hold out on a cut for a little longer than expected. In music this is called a sustain, or retarding the beat.

2. Feel the music. Cutting to the beat is not enough. Your video must also crescendo. It must also feel similar in composition and color that the music does; or equally effectively, must be exactly opposite and contrast that expected look. Close your eyes when you listen to the track and visualize your video.

3. Forget rules 1 and 2. This step is the most important. As they say, you can only break rules when you first know what they are. Now that you know them, consider what you could do differently.

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