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Video: Engaging your viewer

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A strong message is important.

It is as important for someone to feel compelled to act on that message. It is then that the message truly served its purpose.

It isn’t too often that I hear a speech or watch a movie that motivates me to do something differently or try to be better. Only the honest messages encourage me to act. I think most people are similar. We have been exposed to hollywood, big talkers, new product campaigns, etc. We know the tricks, and the gift of articulation can actually get in the way.

So how do we engage those who are willing to first listen to our message?

After we have initially grabbed our viewers’ attention, whether by clever promotion, a catchy title, or a number of creative means, we need to keep them involved. Here are some strong methods to do just that.

Challenge them

Call them out, and assign them with a difficult task. We all recognize the gratification felt through a hard assignment that is well completed. Help them as needed and remind them of the benefits of a job well done.

Include them

How often have you visited a site and found that hundreds are doing the same thing and have the same questions. While often this can help one feel included, this can actually have an adverse effect.  It can be hard sometimes to feel unique as an individual. Inclusion is vey important. Recognize people who have done something well. Offer encouragement to specific individuals. Be a friend that they can relate to.

Be real

Use your own language. Share personal information. I will argue that one of the two most important elements in story telling (the other is conflict, but I will share that view at a later time) is having characters that the reader/viewer can identify with. Be that character that others can feel connected to.

In short: Be real, and be an active friend who is concerned with the well being and progress of others.

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