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Video Tip: The Series

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Video is the tool of choice to engage website visitors.

In contrast to reading, as you are right now, it is much easier to digest.
However, keeping viewers captivated can be a challenge. In the world of quick Google searches, people want to be in and out with the information they were looking for. Often when we create our online videos, we forget that potential viewer attention spans will generally be very short.

Online videos must be as succinct as possible. Especially when it is the first exposure one gets to your organization.


When making your videos ask yourself this question:

Is the message becoming too long, and if so, can it be split up into shorter segments?

Turning your message into a series can be a very effective method. Not only are shorter videos more engaging, but the truly engaged will look forward to the rest of the videos. Let each clip stand alone, but also promote the information that will be shared on the following clip.

A special message to those tasked to put these videos together:

To make your job even easier, soon we will make valuable video assets available in the “MarketPlace” section of this site. This will include graphically attractive elements that you can put into your own videos, such as lower thirds and jump backs.

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