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Why you should include social media links on your corporate site?

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In the world of network marketing, getting your name out to the public is incredibly vital.  One of the easiest ways to expose your business and it’s products is to utilize two of the largest social networks in today’s online world.  The big two (in my humble opinion) are Twitter and Facebook, both house hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of users and are great for syndicating information.  Syndication is key for getting your name and product-line out there.

First, let’s talk about Facebook.  Not only does Facebook provide the means of creating an account for both yourself and your business, they also facilitate the use of special “Applications” as well as custom tabs and fan pages providing several useful outlets for sharing information about your business and it’s successful (hopefully) product-line.

As for Twitter, it’s a great way to show little bits of information to a potentially large audience with seconds of effort on your part once things are up and running.  Tons of information gets spread across the world via Twitter and it happens in a matter of minutes.  Not only does it spread information but I’ve experience times that new information became available and people around me used Twitter to confirm the facts they read on a blog, or saw on a talk show, or another website.

How does any of this benefit you or your business?   When properly utilized, these two platforms can be used to spread information very quickly with little effort whether it be to consumers, your downline, or both.  The proper use of either of these networks puts your business out there for everyone to see, and provides you with an easy way to utilize the technology.

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