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RD Billi Grossman Now Distributing Forever Living Aloe Products

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August 29, 2010 – In July Billi Grossman, RD joined Forever Living Products. She is now distributing the world’s premier aloe nutrition and beauty products throughout New Mexico and on the Internet.

Most people know that aloe is good for sunburn and minor scrapes and cuts. But many do not realize how beneficial this natural plant gel can be for overall health. Aloe has anti inflammatory, anti-viral, and analgesic properties as well as containing vitamins and minerals. Ms. Grossman, who has been a Registered Dietitian for 12 years, says, “I believe in the restorative power of Aloe. I have been personally drinking aloe juice for more than 20 years to support good digestive health.”

She also notes, “I am very excited to join Forever Living Products because I am committed to helping others achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness, whether it’s through weight loss, healthy digestion or non-toxic skin care.

Forever Living Products have been helping people obtain better health and financial freedom since 1978. Based in Scottsdale AZ, this steadily growing company markets over 2 billion dollars worth of product in more than 130 countries. In addition to the main home offices in Scottsdale, Forever Living also has offices throughout the world. They own and control both their growing (Forever Aloe Plantations) and manufacturing processes (Aloe Vera of America). FLP’s patented stabilization process is key to the quality and potency of their nutritional and beauty products. The company takes pride in their commitment to the highest quality products as well as the best home based marketing plan available.

“I had been looking for a company to represent with an aloe based nutrition product. I wanted to promote an array of nourishing sustainable items and a company with integrity – one that was committed to a wholesome environment, had a positive social history and was financially sound. I found all of these at Forever Living.” To find out more about the products and business opportunity, please visit:

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